InstantX Indemnity

Mission : To efficiently indemnify cryptocurrency masternode investments at launch against capital loss occasioned by the following common threats:

  1. Acute and rapid price fall below 40% due to dumping or other attendant market fundamental risk at play on the exchanges.
  2. Provide indemnity cover for masternodes against coin losses due to widespread coin hacks on the exchanges.

How it Works : We collaborate with blockchain teams/developments to enable them on our services at point of presale.

  1. A percentage is set aside as the indemnity progresses till liquidated.
  2. Funds are not credited but withheld from the team/dev on prorated basis till the indemnity tenor exhaust. This is to ensure masternode initial capital are protected against activities of scam project team/devs.
  3. A minimum sale of 1MN for any enabled coin shall be acceptable for purchase on InstantX at project launch.
  4. InstantX shall indemnify all masternode investments/holders against losses for 10-days period or otherwise as calculated based on the projected ROI for the given coin.
  5. The indemnity shall reduce by 10% on a daily basis till the indemnity contract expires.
  6. Masternode holders could demand a recall of their funds within the indemnity period. Such request shall not be withheld but be instantly honored calculated and based on the number of days left on the indemnity. For instance, a request placed 5-days after exchange update and activation would entitle the MN holder to 50% of the invested capital at the original sale purchase price.
  7. Masternode holders may decide to renew the indemnity contract for another tenor with the purchase from instantX of 80% of coins required for the specific coin masternode set-up. Should market rates drop below 40%, instanX shall make up the shortfall based on the number of days left on the indemnity. Should rates remain stable at the end of the indemnity contract term, instantX shall automatically return 50% only of the deposited coins to the beneficiary.The balance of 50% shall be considered as instantX revenue from the indemnity contract.

We shall keep improving on our services for better coverage and the site GUI.